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About Me:

As an Oba Oriate, (also known as Oba, Oriate, Italero, Obaoriate) the highest-ranking priest in the Lukumi / Santeria religion, I specialize in all types of ceremonies required before, during and after the ordainment into the Lukumi (Lucumi) / Santeria Religion, (also known as Kariosha, Hacer Santo or Raspar Santo).

I do this practice with the upmost respect and responsibility. I will maintain a superior standard of ethics towards our religion, and will not tolerate the abuse or exploitation of others. Above all, I understand and respect the privacy of every individual.

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My Services:

Initiation ceremonies to be ordained into the Santeria or Lukumi / Lucumi or Yoruba religion, Sacred reading of the initiates “Ita” also known as the Book of Life, Consultations or readings with the sacred cowrie shells, (also known as dilogún or caracoles) – (Through the shells, the source of the problem is identified and solutions are provided), Consecration of the Warriors. (Elegua, Oggun, Ochosi and Osun) as well as any other Orishas or Oshas, Consecration of elekes or collares, Deceased and Internment ceremonies known as the “Itutu”, Herbalist, General Cleansings (Ebboses), Spiritual and material cleansings – (The exorcism or removal of evil or negative vibrations/spirits)

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Ochumare Ensemble:

This ensemble dedicated to play Santeria music for Orishas, Oshas or Santos, as well as Cajon a Eggun (ancestral spirits and spirit guides), toque de Palo, malongo, was established under the direction of yours truly, Jorgito, back in 1997.

The Ochumare ensemble has had the privilege of being selected to celebrate, honor or to simply comply with the Egguns’s and the Orishas’s wishes in numerous religious homes, that have requested our services. Our ensemble is known for its punctuality and respect to the individuals and guests whom require our services, therefore regarding us as reliable and responsible.

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I am an Oba Oriate, fluent in English and Spanish, and have been practicing the Santeria Religion with the highest standards and the upmost ethical respect in Miami, South Florida and all throughout the United States since 1998. Specialized in all rituals and ceremonies needed in Santeria or Regla de Ocha ordainment. The site with the qualified individual with the knowledge, seriousness and professionalism for all kinds of ceremonies performed by an Oba Oriate in the Lucumi religion (Lukumi) or Santeria.

Being one of the most sought after Santeria Music Ensemble, Ochumare offers Guiro, Toque de Santo, Cajon a Eggun, Cajon al Muerto, Malongo, Toque de Palo, Aña or Anya, Tambor de Fundamento, Bata Drumming Ceremony, Aberikola.

You will also find information on some of the Orishas, Oshas (Santos) that make up the Afro-Cuban Yoruba / Lucumi Pantheon. Like Elegua, Eshu, Ogun, Ochosi, Osun, Inle,Orichaoko, Babalu Aye, Obatala, Oya, Aggayu, Ochun, Yemaya, Chango, and many others.
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